Making a Claim with Contract Claims Consultancy

How the Process Works

Although the path to freedom from an unwanted timeshare contract can be complicated and a bit daunting, Contract Claims Consultancy take care of everything and simplify the claims process into 3 simple steps for our customers.

1. The Claim Assessment

The first part of the process is to assess your claim. We collect all relevant information and will inform you if we feel that you have a valid claim or not.

We give all potential claimants the option of having one of our specialist claim assessors visit them at home or if they would be happier to visit us at our offices to assess their claim.

Unlike many claims companies, we do not ask for any upfront payment and our assessment is completely free with no obligation to continue your claim with us. Contract Claims Consultancy will also only take on clients with claims that they feel are valid and 100% winnable, if we do not think you have a valid claim, we will tell you and there is no fee to be paid.


Free Claim Assessment


No Obligation


We Visit You


2. Collecting the Evidence

Once CCC have established that a claim is valid, we go about the task of building a legal case against the timeshare resort concerned. During this period we might need to ask you for further information and documentation to be provided.


3. Taking the Claim to Court

When we are happy that all of the evidence is in order and we have sufficient proof for a claim to be made, we will instruct a solicitor to take your case to court.

Contract Claims Consultancy only use UK and Spanish solicitors with a proven track record in timeshare contract cancellations. We hand pick the solicitor best suited to win each individual case.